•  Lessons are performed by classes based on 2 hours (120 minutes) and 1to1 basis.
  •  Available time slots on a day are as follows; 9am-11am,12pm-2pm,3pm-5pm,6pm-8pm
  • The minimum notice period to cancel or alter appointment is 2 working days.
  • On the day of training,in case the pupil is late,maximum wait is 10 minutes after the arranged beginning time.
  • Otherwise the fee for the missed lessons become payable.
  • All packages need to be paid upfront and non-refundable.
  • The instructor has a right to refuse to take the pupil to the test if the pupil is not at the test standard.
  • The fee to hire a test car is paid upfront and non-refundable including any cancellations by either DVSA or due to any breakdowns that may occur during the test or any disputes arisen between the instructor and the pupil prior to the test. 
  • The test fee may vary from one test centre to another one and quoted by the instructor before the test .

  • Your instructor will assess your level and tell you how many lessons you will need to reach to test standard.
  • The lesson is on 1-1 basis and no piggy back or car sharing at all.
  • You will be picked up from your home or work address or any other pick up point agreed
  • Each class is based on 2 hours (120minutes) and performed in a brand new Hyundai i20.
Single Lesson(60minutes)£28
Promo 10 Lessons         +1 free lesson£280
Promo  20 Lessons        +2 free lessons£560
Promo 30 Lessons         +3 free lessons£840
Promo 40 Lessons         +4 free lessons£1120

*Packages are non refundable and need to be paid upfront in cash or cheques which are subject to bank clearance.
*Weekend Rates:£5 extra per lesson.

Please feel free to contact us if you need further information on promo packages.

You will experience fun and fullfillment while learning to drive for life.


We cater lessons for those who need to complete their course in a shorter period than usual term.

We recommend 6-10 weeks training which should include some 4-6 hours a week depending on the pupil's ability.

As time constraints on the test it is a big challenge for the pupil to digest the whole syllabus.

This is where we come In to show how to do this.

Assessment Lesson  1 *£35
10 Lessons£350
20 Lessons£700
30 Lessons£1050

Please contact us to discuss your particular situation if you need further help.

You will experience fun and fulfilment while learning to drive for life with us.
*Assesment lessons are based on 2 hourly sessions


Intensive lessons or crash courses are designed to help those who are to take their tests within 2-6 weeks covering maximum hours in a week depending on their personal ability.

Obviously, as time constrains it is a big challenge for the pupil to digest the whole syllabus quickly. This is where we come in to show how to do it.
Assessment Lesson  1*£35
10 Lessons£400
20 Lessons£800
30 Lessons£1200

Please feel free to contact us  to discuss your particular training need if you require further help.

You will experience fun and fulfilment with your training.
*Assesment lessons are based on 2 hourly sessions.


We cater motorway lessons whether you are newly qualified driver who have never driven on the motorway or the one who wish to improve their driving skills on the motorway.

We offer the packages as below;
2 hrs Motorway£70
4 hrs Motorway£140
6 hrs Motorway£210


It is well known fact that newly qualified drivers are likely to have an accident in their first 2 years mainly due to lack of exprience.This is where Pass Plus scheme comes in.It is a goverment project and backed by associated insuranse companies aiming at newly qualified drivers to improve their deficiencies in their driving skills.

Once the course is completed the driver will be issued with a certificate and can get substantial discount on his/her insuranse premiums which is expected to be quite high in their first years.

The Pass Plus Scheme must be minimum 6 hours training and  covers the 6 modules about driving in different conditions;

  • In town
  • In all wheathers
  • On rural road
  • At night
  • On dual carriage ways
  • On motorways

Our instructors are registered with Pass Plus Scheme and we offer the package below which will pay back in future.

Pass Pluss - 6 hrs£210


Like any skills, driving skills also go rusty quick if not in use for a while.

We have refresher packages to help you polish up your driving skills as below;

10 Lessons            + 1 free (first package)£290
20 Lessons            + 2 free (first package)£580
30 Lessons            + 3 free (free package)£870

Please feel free to contact us if you need to discuss your particular situation.


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